Opportunity Consciousness is Law of Attraction?

Make the decision to look for the best in people and situations. To look for the diamonds in the rough. To ask yourself, “How can I make the best of this?” As you become aware of your Drunk Monkey, you will start to laugh at how absurd it is.

You will find yourself giggling, when The Drunk Monkey tells you that danger is present in obvious non-survival situations, like deal-making, prospecting, making a phone call to someone, asking for what you want, staking your claim to something, making the decision to do something new, saying no, making requests....these are not dangerous.

You will either get what you want or you won’t. Neither will kill you. You will simply be in a new situation, with a new set of desires, and a new set of possible actions. A Life scientist who is running an experiment. Someone interested in the result, positive or negative, curious, wondering...hmm? Focus on what you want today, don’t bother thinking about what you don’t want. Take action on your intentions today and really be unstoppable.

Giggle and laugh and how absurd The Drunk Monkey is...The Drunk Monkey thinks it is psychic and can tell the future!!! Engage the mystery of life, be the scientist today, take actions and delight in the results...positive or negative....you are doing an experiment called Being Unstoppable! You aren’t accountable for the result, you are discovering what the result might be...you have no idea what is going to happen next, just take the next action, and enjoy the result positive or negative...

Give up that you are wrong, or bad, or stupid, or ugly ,or not enough...just because the result you predicted or wanted didn’t happen...you are not a psychic, you can’t tell the future, relax, and enjoy the ride...you are going to die, maybe today, maybe years from now...all you have is now...take a deep breath and enjoy this moment with me!

Trust yourself today. Know that you are on the right path. Look at how far you have come in life so far, you are one of the most prosperous people in the world, don’t believe me monkey brain?!? Then move to South Africa for a while, and then talk to me about how successful you are....don’t let the drunk monkey beat you up today...be grateful and read the all is well visualization today...I’ve included a link over to the left in my message. Law Of Attraction


Law Of Atraction - Teleseminar Selling From The Heart

Law Of Atraction - Teleseminar Selling From The Heart

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Life Coaching - Give Up Being Right in Life Coaching

It is becoming increasingly more apparent, that if you are making things up, it is likely you made everything up.

And because you know all of that, you realize that you don’t know anything. You realize that what you know, you were told. Like a flash of lightening, you are getting that what you say you know, you actually observed. We’ve already determined that what you observe is a misperception because it’s a generalization. What you observe is your opinion about what is so.

Find yourself loosening the grip of your opinions from this moment on. Notice yourself allowing other people to have their opinion. Notice you are not getting emotionally triggered.
Visualize yourself doing that, right now. See yourself allowing other people to be fearful, survival machines and you are not making them wrong for it. See yourself having compassion instead. More then ever, right now, you are finding yourself free, light and joyous. Why? You just practiced giving up the need to be right.

Take action on your intentions today. Give up being right about you, your limitations, the situation, the timing, and people. Engage the mystery of life, you have no idea what is going to happen next, just take the next action and enjoy the result, positive or negative...both are just opinions.

Trust that you are on the right path, if you are reading this, then by the vary nature of your intention, it is true, you are on the right path...whether you are producing results or not. Take action in-spite of the uncomfortable feelings you might have. Just make it an experiment, not important; just see if you can take the action without feeling anything.

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life. Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.