Life Coach - Align and Redirect

By releasing your need to be in control of the uncontrollable, you move into a state of flow. You start to experience grace, luck, and miracles.

Nothing biblical though it could seem like that….Miracles is just unexpected and unexplainable good fortune! As you align yourself with your environment, with the people in your life ,and with the situations you find yourself in…things instantly get better! Consider there is not resistance out there in the world! All the resistance you are experiencing is inside of you…it’s your perception! So just give it up. Align with your life, make it right, declare it perfect, and then redirect it in the direction you want to go.

Notice how you are beginning to roll with life, even now. Having come this far in the Being Unstoppable seminar means you are developing the muscle of acceptance. You are learning to accept the situation as it is and then move from there. Just practice saying “Perfect…Now what?”

Because you are practicing accepting situations, you naturally find yourself declaring situations perfect. Your car gets stolen, you say “Perfect, I must need a new car,” Your big deal falls apart before your eyes and you say, “Perfect, I’m making space for the biggest deal of my life.”

Practice Alignment Phrases for this week:
1. This must be the perfect place to be…
2. I wonder what I’m going to learn from this?
3. I’m so excited about this breakdown!

Align yourself with life, declare everything perfect, stay calm and notice how powerfully the next steps come! Question: How do you know if something is perfect or not? Declare it perfect and it is. You are the creator of your experience. Your language, your perspective, and your actions create reality. The Drunk Monkey hates declaring things perfect, because The Drunk Monkey prefers the suffering of being the victim. Give that up, accept the situation as it is and watch the magic happen!!!

Just be unstoppable today!

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life. Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.

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