Life Coaching - Be Flexible

Being right about yourself, about another person, about a situation, is an opinion. On this planet, 6.7 billion people have 6.7 billion points of view on what is right and what is wrong.

So who is right? Everyone and no one. A more powerful question is “Who cares?” No one cares about your point of view accept you, and the people you are aligned with.

MAJOR PROBLEM: All the big deals, all big projects, and the goals, and dreams that will change your life forever will occur with people outside of your circle. Those people have Drunk Monkeys just like you. They have an opinion on everything, just like you. The question becomes “Who is going to be conscious enough to give up their position to make things work?”

Consider this: You’ve already blown hundreds of opportunities to expand your dreams because of your need to be right. Right about your limitations, right about the situation, right about people….Right about how wrong people are. Right about how people should behave and not behave. Right about the process. Right about the procedure. Right about how it’s supposed to look. Right, right, right.

This week be flexible: Flexibility is your greatest asset in money making. You can either be right, or you can be in action…filled with joy…totally satisfied with who you are and where you are going! Take action on your intentions today. Give up being right about you, your limitations, the situation, the timing, and people.

Engage the mystery of life, you have no idea what is going to happen next, just take the next action and enjoy the result, positive or negative…both are just opinions. Trust that you are on the right path, if you are reading this, then by the very nature of your intention, it is true, you are on the right path…whether you are producing results or not.

Take action in-spite of the uncomfortable feelings you might have. Just make it an experiment, not important; just see if you can take the action without feeling anything.

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life. Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.

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